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Centrally located in the south west of the State, Inglewood is 91 kilometres east of Goondiwindi and 109 kilometres west of Warwick. Distance From Brisbane: 270 kilometres.Visit our contact page for a location map.

Inglewood is part of the Goondiwindi Regional Shire which was formed in 2008 by the amalgamation of Goondiwindi town, Inglewood Shire and Waggamba Shire.


Agriculturally, the region mostly consists of small to medium sized family-owned properties and some larger, corporate holdings for livestock (e.g. beef cattle, sheep, chickens, some pigs), mixed-cropping (e.g. lucerne, summer and winter cereals) and permanent plantings (e.g. grapes, olives, fruit trees and lavender).

A range of other industries exists in Inglewood to service not only the region, but also further afield. These include irrigation, feedlots, timber milling, road transport, quarrying and construction (e.g. concreting, building and metal engineering). Find out more information by visiting the Directory page for the Business services/ listings.


(thanks to Wikipedia,_Queensland)

The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney building, Inglewood, ca. 1925

English botanist and explorer Allan Cunningham has been credited with being the first European to discover the Inglewood area. He passed through east of the present township in May 1827. The first settlement in the area was known as Browns Inn and was an important watering point for bullock teams moving west. The inn opened in the late 1850s on the south side of Macintyre Brook, and in 1862 a town was surveyed on the higher, northern side. Plans were drawn up for the present site and the name changed to Inglewood. Most of the hinterland consisted of station holdings which were selected as early as 1848 and were the start of the wool, cattle and wheat base of the region. A school was opened in 1872 and a hospital was built in 1921. Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian churches opened in 1894, 1902 and 1906 respectfully.

In 1907 Inglewood was connected by rail to Warwick, and westward to Goondiwindi by the South Western railway line. Nine years later Inglewood became a rail junction when the line to Texas was opened. It carried freight, including fuel to, and ore from, the Silverspur mine east of Texas. The Texas rail line was closed in 1994, due to lack of passengers and the use of trucks to move freight. Local dairying was served by a branch factory of the Warwick Co-operative between 1940 and 1960. In 1925, Pugh's Queensland Directory recorded four hotels in Inglewood, two sawmills, a picture show and several other stores and tradespeople.

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