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Inglewood has a good and varied number of businesses and services for a town this size (and we are always eager to welcome more). The recently formed Chamber of Commerce has been particularly proactive in promoting the town, community and member businesses, and this website—along with marketing brochures, signs, events and materials—is a clear sign that Inglewood and the Chamber are ‘open for business’. Since the downturn of tobacco growing in the region during the early 1960s, there has not been one dominant activity in the region. Our icons in our logo reflect the diverse range of activities. We encourage you to click on our icons to see our individual member businesses and more about their activities and contact details.

Olives and tree industries information and directory

The region has several successful olive farms producing olives, olive oils and by products (e.g. tapenades and soaps). Inglewood was once promoted as the olive capital of Australia although that claim was never substantiated although thousands of olive trees were planted in the last decade or so. A very pleasant olive grove walk can be taken behind the main park as you enter the town from the Warwick side. But the olive icon also represents other tree industries including the harvesting of Cypress Pine and Ironbark timbers that are indigenous to the Inglewood region

K & S Rielly - Ironbark Executioner

A boutique timber mill specializing in sourcing and cutting of local Ironbark and other hardwood timber. No job too small. Contact person: Shelley Rielly

Address:  Greenup Road, Inglewood 4387
Phone:  Tel. 07 46524159; Mob. 0428 179 459

Coolmunda Olives

Delicious olive oils, olives and tapenades. For organized visits to the factory and shop, please phone ahead. Contact person: Gesine Owens

Address:  PO Box 116, Inglewood
Phone:  465 24 161

Bradens Cypress Pty Ltd

Providing locally sourced Cypress Pine to local mills. Contact person: Trisha Braden

Address:  2 Grey Street, Inglewood
Phone:  07 46521264; Mob. 0409 521264

Bretts Sawmill

Bretts has been cutting and processing Cypress Pine in the district for over 60 years. Cypress, a native softwood, is naturally durable and resistant to termites and has a distinctive, pleasant aroma. Bretts specializes in structural framing as well as T&G flooring, decking, cladding, laminated bench tops and landscaping products. Bretts Sawmill is part of the Bretts Timber & Hardware Group based in Brisbane. Contact person: Bill Nutting

Phone:  07 33610713
Web:  http://www.bretts.com.au
The Chicken icon

Chicken and other small animals information and directory

Chickens pecking the ground in the backyard are synonymous with country living so we chose a chicken for one of our country life icons. Coincidentally, Inglewood is also the site for R.M. Williams Holdings’ Inglewood Farms organic chickens that are distributed in supermarkets around the country. This is a main industry and employer for local people. Other small birds and animals reared in the region and covered by this icon are turkeys, ducks and pigs.

Inglewood Farms

Producing certified organic, free range chickens.
Phone:  07 46521738
Web:  http://www.inglewoodfarms.com
The Grape icon

Grapes, citrus and berries information and directory

Who doesn’t love a nice bunch of grapes on which to nibble? Inglewood produces grapes not only for the table but also to produce great wine. This icon, however, also covers other types of vines and fruits produced in the region including citrus and berries.

Gowan Brae Estate

The vines at Gowan Brae stand on elevated, deep, fine red sand that they thrive in. A usually dry, warm ripening period in the late summer allows for rich colour and flavours to develop in the grape to produce robust, full flavoured and highly enjoyable wines. Contact person: Meg McDougall

Address:  86 Albert St Inglewood
Phone:  Tel. 07 46521157; Mob. 0400 715 170
The Sheep icon

Sheep information and directory

Once upon a time the whole country rode on the sheep’s back. Those days may have gone but many farmers still rely on sheep for meat and wool as a mainstay of their income. From Merino to Dorpers and fat lambs, Inglewood is still an important sheep producer.
The Crops icon
There are many summer and winter grain, cereal and fodder crops grown in the Inglewood region and this is an important mainstay not only for farmers but also for the various transport companies in the town. The crops include lucerne, oaten hay, barley, mixed cereal and legumes.

Leven K Lavender

A family owned and operated lavender farm. Visit our farm (phone ahead) to buy an assortment of lavender products including our nationally award-winning oils and learn about lavender and its properties.Contact person: Kellie Oxenford.

Address:  PO Box 213 Inglewood
Phone:  Tel. 46521925 Mob. 0427 609 171
Web:  http://www.levenklavender.com.au

Tony and Belinda Markey

Owner operators of farming and trucking business, specializing in lucerne, barley and oaten hay production, mixed cereal and legume cropping, and hay cartage. Tipper trailers available for grain cartage and silos for grain storage. Contact person: Belinda Markey

Address:  'Tarcoola' Cunningham Highway, Inglewood 4387
Phone:  Tel. 07 4652 1986 Mob. 0400780198
The Livestock icon

Cattle Information and Directory

Is this a country icon or not? This icon represents one of the most important industries in the region: beef cattle. The Inglewood region is ideal for the hardy cross breeds that graze contentedly over vast spaces of open grasslands and scrub. Meat from Inglewood cattle is distributed throughout Australia and overseas.

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